Support & Maintenance

If you experience a problem with your application, website or you just need a technical question to be answered we are here to help you. We would like you to focus on your business and leave the headache to us.

We offer three types of support packages for our clients. Depending on your budget and need you can decide which package you would like to subscribe to. If required, you can always upgrade to a higher package at any time.

Our packages are:

Bronze Package: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm PST, Monday through Friday (Excluding holidays)
Silver Package: Coverage for a predetermined 12 hour period (Excluding holidays)
Gold Package: Customized coverage.


When you have a problem just contact Creatus/Tent Support by email at or call our dedicated phone-line at (408) 441-9960. Provide a brief description of the issue and your contact information. During support hours, Creatus/Tent personnel will promptly resolve the incident or contact you if more information is required. Creatus/Tent will attempt incident resolution within a 24-hour period.

When a maintenance request is submitted by email, our support staff will be immediately be alerted via our personalized Creatus/Tent support paging system. If a request is attempted by phone, but the lines are busy, you will be routed to the dedicated customer service voicemail, which will automatically page the support staff.

If you have further questions or feedback regarding our maintenance services, we welcome your input. Please email the Sales Department at