Tent Team has been in operation since 2002 and supports offshore development, and has helped several clients realize the benefits of outsourcing. All projects currently are being done for clients in the USA. Consequently there is no sales and sales support infrastructure here in India. To date our team has successfully undertaken projects in the following arenas:

  • Web Application development
  • Customized reports development
  • Web Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance

We are skilled in and use various technologies like .NET, Java/J2EE, Open Source Technologies etc. for the implementation of our projects.

The advantages to our clients are:

  • A low-risk, high return on investment
  • State of the art development center, with high speed data and voice communication
  • Project managers with excellent management skills and a strict adherence to process and procedure needed for successfully managing outsourced transactions
  • Experienced, talented, diligent technical team
  • Ability to quickly scale the team up or down as the project demands
  • A larger team for lower cost, resulting in faster time to market A high level of security

Tent Software Pvt. Ltd. is comprised of a dedicated crew of excellent craftsmen and women. Professional project management ensures projects always complete on time. Client expectations are often exceeded resulting in praise for hard work and skills applied. Tent Software has over time cultivated expertise in a choice few applied technologies.

Dedicated team

We support our clients by designating a dedicated team for their software projects. We believe that it is essential that each engineer who is working on a project knows and understands the project thoroughly, not only from the technical view point but also from a business sense. After all, the systems that we build and maintain are meant to increase business, smoothen the operations of the business and reduce cost.

Unlike many other companies that may move resources to different projects, Tent software Pvt. Ltd., assigns a dedicated team to work with each client. Resources are not added or removed from projects in an ad hoc manner. Our engineers work with clients on a long-term basis. This enables the engineers to get an insight on the client's software and systems, and more importantly, the reason behind designing systems in a particular manner.

You cannot afford to gamble with your company's future when selecting a solution provider for a critical project. To choose Tent is to choose a sure thing.