Technical Projects

Client: Construction Data Company

Company Overview:

Construction Data Company is a leader in the construction information industry, and has been publishing construction project information for over a quarter century. CDC produces 45 different publications containing commercial, industrial and residential multifamily project information, covering various geographic areas throughout the country. These publications are published bi-weekly and are available to subscribers online or in print. Subscribers are contractors, subcontractors and suppliers involved in commercial, industrial, residential, and highway construction.

Project Name: CDC-Leads

Objectives: Mission critical information gathering application for a leader in the Construction News Business. Transaction-intensive system.


Tent delivered to Construction Data Company "CDC-Leads", a robust transaction intensive three-tier application completely developed in Java. The application connects the seven remote offices tightly together over a VPN helping transform the company into a powerful newsgathering and disseminating corporation. 300 users, 12,000 transactions, 15 offices, 45 publications, 300,000 contacts, sub second response times, integration with external systems using Web Services were some of the metrics that contributed to the complexity of this project. Macromedia-JRun was specified and used as the Application Server for both reliability and cost reasons. The application, together with publishing tools such as E-Publish developed by Creatus has been in production since 2000. Tent continues to maintain and enhance this mission critical application for CDC.

Platform Summary:

Project Name: CDC-LeadManager


Provide access to CDC publications containing project information and provide tools to manage projects of interest. Integrate with 3rd party systems for business data exchange. Designed to server heavy traffic.


Tent delivered a content rich, subscription driven website to CDC that allows online access to the subscribers to construction bid opportunities. The site receives daily updates from "CDC-Leads" (system described above) thus enabling access to the most recent data to its subscribers. The website is integrated with "CDC-Leads" using XML Web Services to receive handoffs. It is also integrated with other external system outside of CDC such as Construction Blue Book, Digital Project Plans and Specifications Storage Systems using XML based web services. Site offers customized searches, project tracking and email reminders for each subscriber. This website is written in ColdFusion for its rapid application development capability and support for clustering technology and Java for custom tags. The website is hosted on two clustered web servers, with database on a separated dedicated server. Database engine used is MS-SQL 2000. CDC converted more than 60% subscribers from paper-based subscriptions to online subscription, thus reducing printing and distribution cost. The site receives close to a million hits a day. The site went in production since 2000 and Tent continues to maintain and enhance it for CDC.


Client : BridgeVine

Company Overview:

Broadband National is a nationwide aggregator of broadband services. Broadband National through its network of over a hundred partner sites and broadband provider relationships with major companies like SBC, Earthlink, SpeakEasy & Comcast may well be the largest seller of broadband services in the nation. The company is head quartered in Vero Beach, FL and has a sales and operations office in Orlando.


Complete automation of line qualification and order processing to help in Lead conversion. XML interface development with all Providers such as SBC, Comcast, Earthlink and SpeakEasyto facilitate complete automation of broadband ordering capabilities.

Project Description:

Creatus built a scalable generic server framework into which DLLs that implemented the XML interface to each of the providers could plug in. The users were presented with a single web interface through which they could qualify their phone number. ie: Find out what broadband services were available at the specified phone number and address. The services along with additional details like pricing and promotions were retrieved in XML format from the various providers and presented in a simple intuitive and consistent fashion. Users were able to compare plans, look into details and Broadband National had a means to track the user activity on their site. The information captured helped BBN call leads back and sell them on service of their choice. Data was fed into Contact Management software in real time


The technologies used included the .NET, C#, XML, XSLT, SOAP and ASP.NET. The database used was MS-SQL Server.

The Web application has helped Broadband National grow at a dizzying pace contributing to ongoing product evolution and enhancements. New providers continue to be added such as Covad. Partner sites that can use all of the Broadband National capability but with content display in Branded pages is on the drawing board and could move into production in 45-60 days.