Our Vision

A state of the art technology center staffed by skilled professionals that seamlessly deliver solutions and value globally in a process driven manner.

Our Mission

The mission at Tent Software is to advance those we encounter: Clients, Vendors and Employees by the excellence of our software services.

Our Values

  • Integrity – In solutions, value to customer and interactions
  • Respect – Towards all clients, vendors and staff
  • Teamwork - Operate as team both internally as well as in close cooperation with customers.
  • Commitment to maintain trust and respect with all stake holders.

Our History

Tent Software caters primarily to clients in the US. Tent is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creatus, Inc. a software services firm head quartered in Santa Clara, CA. Tent Software was established in the Autumn of 2002 to cater to the market demand for competitively priced services that do not compromise on quality or the timeliness of delivery.

Looking back now, 2002 was the year when disruptive business models such as Google, and MySpace crashed onto the stage. This combined with geopolitical and financial upheavals of that time, led to significant changes that completely changed the software development landscape.

The folks at Creatus put their heads together and sent a couple of seasoned professionals over to the southern part of India. Some persistence, a lot of midnight oil and God's grace combined to build the initial success. The entire team at Tent continue to build on this momentum with excellent service, innovative approaches and continuous addition of top-notch talent.

Creatus is a software service company specializing in the development, maintenance and testing of Web Applications. It was founded in 1991, head quartered in Santa Clara, California, and operations capabilities in Chennai, India. Creatus Inc started off as a dedicated band of engineers undertaking Quality Assurance projects for clients in the Silicon Valley. Early clients were database companies such as Oracle and Informix. Opportunity and market demand steered Creatus into the highly demanding e-commerce and web development arena. Soon Creatus established a competitive position as a premiere end-to-end solutions provider on the web helping new online businesses launch their business models and overcome obstacles to make their ideas successful. Our roots, never forgotten, instilled a diligent devotion to uncompromising quality and excellence.

Our Team

Employees of TentsoftwareTent team is much more than just a group of people working with one another. We are a dynamic, collaborative, nurturing family representing the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the country of our origin - India - into one Tent culture.

The different members of the Tent family may come from different Places, but we all have the same goal, that of providing our clients with solutions that yield a competitive advantage.


Our Culture

At Tent, we are proud of our dynamic and flexible nature, and repeatedly develop innovative strategies to overcome challenges imposed by rapidly evolving technology. Tent, with its service oriented approach and team members eager to learn from each new experience, is uniquely poised to cater to the business needs of the Information Age.

Tent’s clients typically need to scale their team to meet new project demands, compressed deadlines, or to implement a completely new idea. Some of these projects are so innovative, that they form the Intellectual Property (IP) on which their company is based. We staff our projects with top-notch technical talent. Our employees are results-oriented and dedicated to delivering optimal service. Our staff remains current with rapidly advancing technology through training and partnerships with industry leaders. The quality of our deliverables is given utmost importance. Every employee is oriented and provided with additional training on maintaining high quality standards.